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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A happy customer is one that wont leave.....

We had a super day at the club today. The new stalls have really brought a new vibe to the place and having Sascha and Sof work here on their jewellery was great to watch. It really makes a difference being here and manning your stall so I am actively encouraging other artists to do the same rather than to pay for cabinets that are unmanned. Both Sascha and Sof made good money today and have orders and have networked their craft successfully.

Thursday we have dirty Santa at 4pm......go on you know you want to......strictly adults only please!!!!!!

Tomorrow is also of course open mic........bring your own tipple and £3 entry......all proceeds to the club and without it we will be meeting on a street bench (and they don't let you drink on them).

Friday is our networking special with creative ideas exchange and free rum shots followed by the alternative Yule celebrations at 8pm.

Saturday is Sophie Parkin's book signing at 6pm

Sunday is a day of rest watching a movie in the cafe.......

take a breath.......

Monday is the Christmas rum party!!!!!!

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