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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Eve Party at BAC

Brighton Arts Club would like to welcome you to a Christmas Eve celebration (midday till 6) in the club where you will be able to collect you membership cards and network or chin-wag with like minded people.
We are offering free trial memberships of 3 months to practising creatives or interested parties who may benefit the club in some way. We need good people to create the buzz and momentum that the area needs to launch Brighton as a centre for creativity and good business practise. The two can be successfully entwined and meetings at the club to share ideas is just one step in the right direction.
Mary Portas will be involved of course with her next TV show. We also have the honour of hosting two of next year's largest fashion events.

We will run regular weekly events and one big event each month but of course ware a venue and will be available to members for reduced rates for various projects especially where such events can offer exposure or collaborations between disciplines.

Please stay in touch and feel free to pop down any time for a chat or a wine, Much love
Pasha xx

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