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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Me and Vivienne and Huanted Hogmanay

Well today will be a lazy Sunday I imagine painting dogs in watercolours like a real lady and eating cake in the sophisticated glamour that is Brighton Arts.......OK that is a slightly purer version of events.

This is what is really happening.

Pasha is drawing graffiti style dogs on recycled cardboard backdrops using found items and leftover paint.

Pasha will be playing tunes of her choice because it is her gaff and she is in a really good mood today after the epic sleep last night.

Pasha will find her true artist now that she has stopped the meds which temporarily turned her into a Stepford Wife.

Pasha will be getting the Brighton Arts Club ready for our big party tomorrow and wondering how to stop mother from checking all the boys undergarments.

Pasha will eat whiskey cake and drink strong coffee in the spirit of cowboys everywhere!

Remember you can get in free tomorrow if and only if you wear a kilt......use your imagination and find your inner child.......

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