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Monday, 31 December 2012

Not with that wind am I getting up a ladder!

Weather in Brighton let us down this morning although I do sit rather smuggly now that the heating is on and I watch the poor blighters going about their must do business. Needless to say I had to postpone painting the shop sign for a day less dangerous.....I am too young to die atop a ladder.

I will need to get ice and an ice bucket as the wine, once chilled to perfection in the air of the Brighton Arts Club  now feels tepid......the members are generally not that fussy after a few vats of the strong stuff but I should really upgrade to chilled basics.

The Haunted Hognanay looks like a great night tonight with Mother and Sascha doing their thing. 
I have my Vivienne Westwood kilt and pink wig at the ready amd One Yellow Shoe Productions are filming the proceedings probably for 'You've Been Framed'. I will hope that mother refrains from checking underwear, I do hate when she starts all that.

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