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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Situation Vacant Radio Presenter at Brighton Arts Club

I seem to have covered most angles at the club but am really keen to set up a radio pod cast channel.

Ideally we would have various shows coming from the venue or even outside and abroad as long as we could link the pods in at least identity or creativity from the club itself. The ethos would need to be all encompassing, feminist, egalitarian, non racist, edgy and exciting......not much to ask is it from decent people.

Sascha Cooper will be running a show from our open mics once a month which promises to be awesome. Any other ideas gratefully received. Radio is now a great communicator while so many people work on line. Pod-casts are so easily transported onto mobiles that it is a crime to see radio as less than the power tool it is. Video really didn't kill the radio star!

With news this week that more women are now working and or sole breadwinners than men in this fair city I welcome some guys to come to the bosom of our family here at the arts centre. Ideally you will be aged 35-45 6 foot, handsome.......oops sorry wrong ad...............

Godaamn Radio