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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

TUFTS animal show at Brighton Arts and crisp sandwiches

Weather out there is foul so I await a carriage to take Ma's pressy to deepest Hove as it cannot be getting wet.
Meantime I am in the VIP eating a crisp sandwich and planning the next show which takes over from Erotica. 

TUFTS.......yes you read that right.

Generally I don't really like animal portraits so I am looking for artists who can prove me wrong.
I have seen a few recently so please spread the word. This exhibition will be a mixed one with no outlay for artists and a 50/50 split on sales with the club in the hope that we can keep going financially in these lean times. 
Alternatively you can hire a wall space from £5 per square foot.
There will be a pet picture contest too so pop in with your mut or mouse even for a free Goddamn Media photo shoot and the chance to win a prize from the sponsor of the show 'Knitting With Grandma' whose dog coats are a big hit in this town.

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