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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Meow Meows and eggs at Brighton Arts Club

Check out the Meow Meows on Myspace they are fab.
They will be here at Brighton Arts around 3 for a film that One Yellow Shoe are making which involves making an egg sandwich..........I too seem to have been roped into the project as the film crew have not seen my Come Dine With Me and are blissfully unaware of my culinary car crash!

The cafe and shop is open so do pop down just to act cool as I am the photographer and I love a poseur. There are cup cakes and crisps and cold beer ready for your hangover.....mine is almost gone........oh did I mention about last night's ghost hunt....later, I have a life to live.

Meantime you lazy fuckers can watch my episode and weep.

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