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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Events at Brighton Arts Club this weekend!

Minge Fringe kicks off 2 days of celebrations.....
Saturday we have an amazing array of Vagina art and performances celebrating the female form.

Guest performances from Dominic Von Trapp and Normanton Street along with a host of crafting activities will compliment the Cunt Crew.

We will be filming the event for our TV outlets naturally.

Sunday and quite by accident, our next door neighbour, the Tattoo Workshop, will be hosting a free outdoor part just outside our gaff........lots of stalls and a Juice Radio DJ will smooth the event along nicely and we will no doubt poach a few unsuspecting customers who we can corrupt with our arty farty ways.

Should be a heavy weekend......I may loose my voice due to being verbally amusing! Or I may loose my way into a open tattooed arms.........from the vagina to the ink.....will let you know!

Godaamn Radio