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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fet Life and spreading the c word gospel at Brighton Arts Club is already afternoon and I still haven't had my second coffee........thank Goddess for the cherry pie and cream mum made....that'll keep a Countess going.

Someone had phoned yesterday to quizz me about her business model. She talked for hours about what she does and seemingly is an 'all rounder'.

The woman, who I sneakingly suspect may just be a 'Come Dine With Me ' stalker as they did repeat it recently on telly, was busy at the door before 12 noon.......or my first coffee!

I showed her our Brighton Arts Club facilities like a good little arts club owner as my heart was sinking fast at the prospect of a 'fan' bothering my breakfast time.

The woman, now christened in my head as 'annoying woman' asked about running a stall at our next show.

Here was my chance.

'Well, it is a show to celebrate the cunt', said I.
She looked bemused and said slowly....'Pardon'.

I had to translate it several times........she got the point at 'vagina' and left saying her work may not be suitable.

Good news is that we have made the Fet Life forums so I guess we will have some kinky boys and girls come to celebrate our vaginas with us. They may be disappointed as there wont be much bondage here, more nakedness and not a strap on in sight.

We will welcome all though and it is great to think that the curiosity of the vulva, the labia, the pubis, the clitoris, and all these things together in harmony are so interesting as to draw a crowd or to just as easily repel those without the gumption for true feminine beauty. 

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