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Monday, 27 May 2013

What's On Brighton Arts Club this week

This week we are preparing for new upcoming shows and the public are welcome to come and see our work in progress and to have a cuppa and a chat.

I am undercoating the gallery front tomorrow and sketching my mural having decided that graffiti is a style not an art so I was better doing the shopfront myself.
The Vulva by Emma Buggy is still fast to the wall and has not been vandalised but the weather has been mild and we anticipate a few months before the artwork crumbles in the elements. It draws a lot of tourists and is photographed more than the is all about the pussy though girls and don't we know it!!!!!!

As always Open Mic is on Thursday and Po will be hosting as Mirabah is away but he has downloaded a Korg on his phone and we have rigged up my electric cello so we are bound to have some fun with all our toys when he gets back.

I like The Go Go are playing Saturday and we are putting together a mini festival for the day so we can all enjoy the new kids on the block. There are talks also of a residency for them!

I am painting backdrops for the Brighton Skinhead Reunion though I doubt if I can get to the party as I will be needed here. Also I am starting on the 10 pieces for my solo show on the 8th June as part of our Alternative Brighton Fashion Week.

The 7th of June we host the great talent that is Momus. I am looking forward to meeting him and having an intellectual argument about something intellectual. This is a real coup for the club although I don't believe in hierarchies of talent (oh God, it must be Monday).

Two new artists moved in and will be here tomorrow along with the older ones. I best get a curry on.

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