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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cheap art supplies and grafitti spray cans at Brighton Arts Club BAC

BEAST are our paint supply outlet on the ground floor at the club.

They also do emergency supplies and deliveries!

Brighton Emergency Art Supply Team (BEAST for short) Bring you the art materials that you want at prices you want to pay. We have secured a premises just off of London Road in Brighton in the Brighton Arts Club Space.

Our Art shop will not be the same as others - we will be open late night, we will have affordable prices, we will have a changing inventory which will reflect our customers needs and wants.

We are also planning to introduce free evening time home delivery to those who would like to purchase on our ETSY shop and live in Brighton. You can also order online and collect in store!

BEAST is run by two artists,


We are aiming to make top quality materials available at small prices. We are also going to have a bespoke canvas making service which will be cheap!

If there are any materials that you would like us to stock then please let us know!

We are aiming to open the store in mid July :)

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