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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What's on this week at Brighton Arts Club (BAC)

Today (Tuesday) is the first choir practice at BAC by the Brighton Belles. All welcome at 7.30 in the arts cafe.

The rest of the week promises some great music at open mic and an awesome afterparty especially for the boys from Two & Eight plus Normanton Street and Blackrooster is an all nighter so prep yourselves.

Saturday afternoon is a small private party for Ma de la Mare who has managed to reach 70......but that will be well finished by 8pm which is the start of our funky reggae party!

The after party on Friday/Saturday is bound to feature an impromptu tooooon  but I am not laying bets on who....needless to say, mics will be at the ready.
And there is a special limited edition cd gift available from the sexy Blackrooster duo.....

A few pics from the weekend just gone!

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