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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Brighton Arts Club (BAC) becomes a victim of its own success.........

Right so last night a woman with schizophrenia held a pint glass in my face, told me I had no idea what she was capable of and spat insults at me. I have manged to stave of fear like that for a year and it has really thrown me. All because I wouldn't let her in the private members area where money and purses and stuff was kept and which is a private lounge (just an old cellar). It is with some regret that the galleries will now be by appointment only and I will instal an intercom. On public events I will now have minder and the cafe will be for members only. I have also decided not to take on any more artists in the studio spaces. Brighton Arts Club is a victim of an unexpected success. I am pleased in one way but saddened in another. Small changes to a big idea x

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