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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How do I become a member of Brighton Arts Club (BAC)?

Some notes for those who have asked recently.......Membership is automatic for those who have studio space, put on a regular night or give time and effort to the running of the club. We have a few friends who run the bar or who have painted parts of the club for example who are now members. You can also join for £30 a month which means you have longer hours at the club, often all night, access to the members lounge and half price drinks at the bar. If you perform you are a member for the night. You can also have a one day trial membership for £10 which works out if you drink a lot and want to get to know the other members and how things work. Anyone can put on an event as it is important that I share the space with as many people as possible. The space here is for all of us and there is no financial or creative agenda. If you charge entry to an event I will ask a 10% donation to help the running of the club and if you want a private party it is usually £50. I demand respect at all times as there is a great deal of amazing art and I will eject anyone, member or not, who offends in any way. Hope that helps.

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