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Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Editor's Rant

Brighton Arts Club has become a center for new and rising talent across the creative arts whilst retaining underground and cult status. Partly the reason we have achieved this is because we keep everything free or greatly subsidised by Goddamn Media who offer a lot of free photography and film making to everyone we work with. Part of our manifesto here at BAC is that by avoiding budgets, costs, charges etc we are free of financial agenda which allows us the creativity we are so far enjoying. I am committed to keeping the gigs free and the studio spaces subsidised at a cost which covers really only the water. In return we at least expect good relations, professionalism, honesty, freedom of pr, a shout out, a big up, and if you use my building, for the people you bring into it not to abuse it and if you say we will be credited on a video you make here, free of charge (even if the video is rubbish), we will actually get that credit. 99% of all business, paid or not, is about trust......failure to abide by the most simple and reasonable obligations will be remembered and shared. 

Pasha du Valentine

Godaamn Radio