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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Brighton's Bring Your Own Booze Bar Opens Today

So after some serious thought and consultation with the licencing department I have decided to make Brighton Arts Club Member's Lounge Brighton's only permanent bring your booze venue. Mostly this saves me having to be on hand running a bar which I actually loathe as I never intended to morph into Bette Lynch. I will still put on licensed events when required of course as we all love the mini fests and the parties. I also have a large range of teetotal beers and wines as always in support of those friends and guests less booze interested who would rather a night of sobriety. The VIP is a members only bar of course in order to vet those we choose to spend our time with. Membership is open to artists and artisans. — at Goddamn Media

For inquiries and information about joining please phone 07757781957

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