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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What's On This Week Brighton Arts Club and Goddamn Media

what's on this week

Thursday....Goddamn Radio Debate Providence Palace 7pm
....................10pm private party Providence Palace no public access

Friday.....members' open evening at Goddamn Media. I can sign non members in but only members can use the hot tub.....8 pm till 2am sharp

Saturday.... Club DARK Brighton ticket only please ask the page for details and dress code,
Providence Palace video recording Providence public access

Pussy Galore Cat Cafe is no longer practical due to some rather chaotic activity from men with big dogs who think it is amusing to goad Boy Cat though the window. One guy, when I asked what the point was, just said I shouldn't have cats there. Well obviously I don't agree with the tosser but I really don't want winding my cats up with fighting dogs through the window to become a sport. The cats will still be here in the gallery though and in the Brighton Arts Club VIP Lounge.

Brighton Arts Club is getting ready for Friday evening when we have an open evening and members' get together. The hot tub is ready! I will sign non members in if I know you or you can pay £10 for a trial membership. Should be a great night! Bring your own booze. — at Brighton Arts Club VIP Lounge.

Whatever you do, make it fun and get to Monday safe and sound!

Godaamn Radio