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Thursday, 3 March 2016

House Rules for The Brighton Secret (Sex Party Guide)

A grown up party venue for sharing fun times. Bring your own booze if you like but keep safe as always.
2 play rooms and lounge and smoking area. Great staff. DJs and sexy vibes. 2-20 guests at one time. 
Contact me for exclusive hire and private parties or come to one of our Friday events. Don't be shy, the Countess will take care of you.
Dress code is sexy/smart/fetish no tracksuits or trainers.
We welcome all sexualities and kinks and insist on decorum. The club is a place of sexy and raunchy sophistication where we can all be free.

House Rules

Violation of the rules will result in ejection from the club and barring from all future events.

Drunken behavior is not allowed and you will be asked to leave or refused entry

Single men must be vetted before buying a ticket.

Men arriving in groups will not be allowed in. Please arrive with a female companion unless otherwise arranged by Pasha.

Never do anything of a sexual nature without asking express permission.

Never expect sex or any other act, if no one feels your vibe it is not the club's fault.

Do not break or cause damage to the artwork or fixtures and fittings.

Do not not steal from the dressing up box.

Put used condoms in the bins provided.

You must sign the visitors/members book upon arrival.

No sleeping is permitted during the party.

Do not make a noise in the smoking garden. It is a place for smoking rather than sex, although if you are very quiet the neighbours will be none the wiser.

If you bring booze, and you may, all bottles will be held at the bar for safety reason. All cups are plastic for the same reason.

Dress UP!!!!! We are very open to fetish and unusual attire at the Secret so please make an effort. No trainers or caps, unless it is a particular fetish and I will be able to spot the difference.

No cameras or photographs are permitted at all unless specifically asked for in the play room and agreed by all. None allowed in the dance room.

No gossiping after the event. What goes on at The Secret stays there! Bad mouthing and gossiping will result in a permanent bar!

Pasha du Valentine, the Countess of Brighton and hackney x

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