42)Republic Day 2018 chief guest visitors: A short biography

India Republic Day -- Republic Moment 2018: It took two years and six months after that speech to consider the Indian Constitution and also it come into effect on twenty sixth January 1950. On which day India was metamorphosed from constitutional monarchy under King George VI to democratic republic which this celebrates as Republic Moment every year. republic day 2018 26 january 2018 ASEAN leaders republic day 2018 chief guests chief attendees biography republic day parade republic day history republic day 2018 celebrations republic day guests know republic day 2018 guests that are republic day 2018 attendees When Jawaharlal Nehru shipped his Tryst with Destiny speech where he stated Long years ago we made a tryst with f uture and now the time comes when you shall redeem our give your word not wholly or 100 % measure but very substantially. (Reuters/United Nations) When Jawaharlal Nehru delivered his Tryst with Destiny speech where he said Long a long time ago we made a tryst with des