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Monday, 15 October 2012

Creative Squatters ....Long live the Countess of Brighton and Hackney!

A difficult day all round as early this morning I confirmed 5 new artists to show at the club who were to deposit their work on Wednesday.
Then I had a call from the owner who informed me that I had squatters!
I went to see them as I am not keen for my landlord to get bailiffs in, and besides, the spirit of the club is to benefit the community..... not to terrorise it.
They were nice boys, little older than my son (who squatted my house for years) and we have reached a gentleman's agreement that they will vacate by Monday.
The odd irony is that they are artists and had their work on display!!!!

A difficult place for the Countess of Brighton and Hackney but one where gentleness, patience, diplomacy, maternal skills and good socialist values will see beneficial results for us all.

Long live the Countess!

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