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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Classes and Activities at Brighton Arts Club

The Club is ready now to host a range of activities across the arts.

We have lots of available slots and can run two or three groups at the same time depending on their nature.
Venue hire is free except for the club fee of £1 so organisers may add ththeir own fee on the top or provide classes free. This is entirely at your discretion.

Every day from 7pm Pasha runs a drop in arts class on the ground floor.

Sacha Cooper and Crimson Horse Theatre have booked space from 7- 10 on Wednesday evenings and 2pm-5pm on Sundays.

The private Members bar is open to members for private functions everyday.
The cafe on the ground floor is open for drop in refreshments.

Knitting With Grandma has booked the ground floor studio space also on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm-5pm

We look forward to seeing you at the club very soon!

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