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Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Beginnings at Brighton Arts Club

A huge thank you to all those who assisted and came to support the club last night at its launch.
The party was a real success.
I will edit the photos tomorrow....having a well earned rest under the duvet with the cats this evening.
The timetable for the upcoming events will also be finalised as we have some great new classes and events organised.

If you like tea and a dance please come next Sunday to the tea dance. Also the member VIP area is now open and we are offering an introductory joining fee of £10 per month. This allows you to use the lounge when you wish to chill, read, talk arty stuff with arty people, plan world domination and have a brandy and toast with gentlemen's relish. I will reserve the right to admission of course as there are standards to be preserved.

No trainers, hoodies, track suits, ripped or dirty clothes
No drunken bad behaviour
No racism or sexism

Tea Dance Every Sunday

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