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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Coffee and Whiskey cake and a cheesy film making the world go round at Brighton Arts Club

I am off to buy a new cafetiere ready for a pleasant afternoon at BAC. 
Yve will be arriving for brandy as usual and to discuss the itinerary for New Years Eve and our haunted Hogmanay. She went in to horrific detail yesterday about using a long stick to lift the kilts of our male guests to check there were no undergarments.......seems this was usual Scottish army practice. I am slightly horrified to have roots in Celtic traditions and will promise that whilst gents wearing kilts will get in free to the event, there will be no rules concerning their privates and coverings under!

I am slightly provoked by these thoughts.

We have whiskey cake also today in the arts cafe so life is good surely! And our cheesy film at 3 of will not believe how bad I can be!

Now get up and do some work, the world needs you to show it what you are made of!!!!!

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