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Monday, 24 December 2012

Free Rum Shots today at Brighton Arts Club

Normal procedure will be resumed asap I hope.......A Countess cannot shirk her responsibilities. Goddamn Media is full on the film and photo trail after Christmas lunch with the trusty Android and plans are afoot for several collaborations. The Arts Emporium downstairs at the Brighton Arts Club is taking new stock from anyone with unwanted paraphernalia in their bedsits to help fund canvas and Poundland paint. 
 On advice from a new friend I have taped off desk space upstairs on the mezzanine which only costs £20 a week........note that I have taken over the whole space while no one else is there and I am really enjoying making a mess but I will curtail my paint frenzy if I have to share.....grudgingly obviously! 
The cafe is looking for a pasty maker or similar to deliver said foodstuffs ready to sell during our cheezy film afternoons and classes in the new year. 
And talking of classes, I was thinking about a sexy secretary 'How to Keep Fit on an Office Stool' class......what do you reckon? Christmas wet rum kisses from me at Brighton Arts get one day off bitches, then get in line for the goose step march where the mundane and ordinary man will be put to use in the paradigm.

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