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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 is here as expected and Brighton Arts is too

So the final event of the year went with a bang as we had musicians in from Worthing and our awesome film crew who kept me up all night. We also filmed Sascha's mediumship and found a possible hole under the stairs that may have memories of children or people hiding. One Yellow Shoe filmed the whole thing so we will put it up when it is edited.

Tomorrow my first studio rental to a toy designer is being set up at the club. More pics and details tomorrow.......his models are of a fantasy comic strip genre.....cannot wait for some upcoming collaborations with my rings and belt buckles!!!!

Rehearsals later in the week for the fashionistas performers from the Guerrilla Fashion Event so if you around on Friday and happen to be in the cafe you may get a sneak preview.

And I am also getting lots more stock of course for the emporium including art candles.......hmmmm......

Welcome gently to 2013.

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