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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Call for actors at Brighton Arts Club in Clara Bow production

We are very excited to be putting on a 1920s themed show at Brighton Arts Club on 16 February as part of their Guerilla Fashion event. 

We are holding auditions for actors to take part in the show at Brighton Arts Club on Monday 7th January between 5 and 8pm. For info contact Alexa Flexa B or email! or mobile 07765 317120 
We are looking for the following cast members: 
Antonio Mareno (Wardrobe director) and Candice Charles (Fashion designer) Pedro Garcia (Artist) and Esmerelda La Belle (Artists muse) Viola Matchinski (Jazz singer) and Michel Allure (Charleston dancer) Josie Oglethorpe (Exotic dancer) and Artie Atlas (Musician) I will be playing Carla Bruin (silent movie actress) and Leo Mumford will be playing Louis Fillman (film director). 
We are also directing, but would love some assistance with direction and production, so please get in touch if you would like to help! The theme for the Guerilla Fashion event is lust and decadence and our show will be obligingly naughty! I am designing fabulous 1920s costumes for the cast to wear, and they will more than a little cheeky, so if you’ve got it baby then you should definitely consider flaunting it! The story is set in 1920s America, we will be filming a silent movie with the cast members, to be screened as the first part of the show, then we will cut to live action at Carla Bruin’s film premiere party and we will finish the show with a little Charleston dancing! We are looking for a live jazz band to accompany the silent film and the dancing. For the audition we would like actors to take part in improvisation, take part in an acting technique developed by Meisner and we will give you space to show off grand entrances and dramatic exits. You need to be comfortable with physical theatre, silent movie acting and getting close to other actors. For more info contact moi on facebook (Alexa Flexa B) or email! or mobile 07765 317120

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