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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Energy Healing and Bread Pudding at Brighton Arts Club

We were visited today by a potential resident studio member who write music for adverts. Let's hope he chooses to join us as it would all work so well with the TV and film stuff already going on at the club.

Yve, my mother and proper-upper of the VIP lounge bar, is off to purchase cake tins as she is now my official club cake maker. Bread pudding will launch itself like a squidgy brick, just how I like it, with sugar on top, on Friday........I remember it bouncy but firm from my childhood and will risk recommending it in the hope that the matriarch (that's what I tell her) has not lost her touch.

Another film maker has phoned for space so looks like we are filling up at a reasonable rate.

Tomorrow my landlord is coming to sort out the shutter so we can all stop doing the limbo dance when we is tricky after a wine and tomorrow is wine night, I mean open mic night. That means a film so I best tidy the studio and the VIP.....Oh and don't forget also that Mirabah Joel Jojabo will be here from 5pm for energy healing.

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