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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

News on our residents and spaces available

Friday seems to be quite an important day for the stalls and shop units upstairs. Amethyst Sky will be here to read futures and give witchy advise.....I hear that she is very good. And we have some other stalls setting up including furniture and clothes. I have sort of divided the floor into 2 for practising artists and one for shop units or service providers who need public access........Fridays and weekends look set to be our busy times though you can open every day if you like or make appointment or run your online sales as we have internet. For only £20 it's a damned good deal and you could even share with a friend to get costs down.

We now have 8 permanent residents here at Brighton Arts Club. I have room for 8 more upstairs and 4 designer makers downstairs. The ground floor is an arts cafe and you would not run your stall in the same way as the guys upstairs who come in and make their own sales or do their work. Downstairs I have cabinets and plinths etc and the customer expects something more creative or art based. Also we serve bread pudding and coffee and hold our open mic and meet ups in the cafe so things need to be as safe as possible.

Please pop down to have a look and discuss any opportunities that you and the club can share together.
All spaces are subsidised by Goddamn Media.

43 Providence Place Brighton BN1 4GE
next to the tattoo workshop and St Bartholemews Church

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