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Monday, 7 January 2013

Pink Monday At BAC

Wow that was some weekend.......I feel like a being a diva after all the acting I did over. 
And I can be a diva in my own company as I am already at the club working hard on today's projects. I keep putting my hand up to my mirror and saying 'whatever'.
Pink kittens and pink knickers are on the agenda as there was a lack of time yesterday. (There will be a little mention of Alfie the chihuahua and myself as the Argus photographer came on Saturday for the Tufts show.)

The pink knickers are part of my exhibition for the Guerilla Fashion show on the 16th February along with my Rude Shoe Shelf....wont give too much away as it is a big surprise!!!! Later the performance and film guys will be here auditioning from 5-9pm for the film they are doing on the night about Clara Bow. It is an open audition and the VIP will be open for anyone waiting so it will be a pleasant way to spend Pink Monday..... 

 I will take pictures of new stock this afternoon for you all though seeing you would be better than having you hide away.......did you hear Facebook is dead? May as well leave the house then!

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