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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday Updates at Brighton Arts Club

Tuesday Updates at Brighton Arts Club

Weather is awful but I refuse to moan.....let mother do that.
I sold nearly all of the home baked bread pudding that she made and we have ordered brownies for tomorrow.....tea and coffee is only £1 so come on by and say hello, not now as I have put the shutters down now to keep out the snow and wind and not moaning!

Later tonight I will launch the Countess of Brighton and Hackney Radio show on Spreaker......I was toying with various ideas for her production and have ended up with a  diarised version of events, important and otherwise, that the Countess feels make some sort of impact on the borough or the club.

It will be prudent not to name names................fear not.

I am also trying to finish my homework for open mic night. We decided at the last one, well Mirabah decided, that although I am not a poet or song writer, I should still do the homework in an artistic fashion. This weeks assignment is

Awakening in 22 lines.

If you fancy joining in pop along to our open mic on Thursday around 7-9....any later than that and you will need to call as I close the shutters.

The mezzanine studio is filling up with more talented people and I have two visitors tomorrow with an interest in renting space. We are now officially a non profit subsidised studio....the only one in the city offering such cheap rates in such a great community of individuals.

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