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Monday, 21 January 2013

What is Brighton Arts Club, what do you do?

We are Brighton Arts Club and what we do is 'make art'. We are a non profit venue for practising artists and performers making great use of the best studio spaces in the city. Most of our studios are £20 per week which is the cheapest in the city. We are looking for serious practitioners who believe in what they can do independently and also what we can do as a group in these lean times. We are home to tv amd film producers, musicians, performance artists, poets, painters, fashion designers, model makers, jewellery designers, milliners and more besides. Our spaces include desk spaces, studio spaces, storage spaces and shop unit spaces and cabinets as well as gallery and exhibition wall spaces. The desk spaces and units are subsidised by Goddamn Media Film and Photography. We have our own radio show and TV channels which we are on the cusp of launching. There are still some units remaining on the mezzanine floor so come down if you would like to part of the next big arts movement in the city. We have our own gallery, cafe and bar and we would love to meet you. 43 Providence Place BN1 4GE next to Bartholemews Church. Check out our films on youtube for all the spaces or from our open mic nights and micro films. We are also on facebook.

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