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Friday, 22 February 2013

Brighton Arts Club, what do we do?

Brighton Arts Club is the new art kid on the block and is creating quite a stir. 
 Everyone asks the same question when they enter the massive space that was once the Harlequin nightclub...
 'What is this place, what goes on here?' 

 Ah well it is a moot point, or is it? 'We make art' is the stock reply from Pasha du Valentine, creator and founder of the club. 'But it never ends there and the more I try to explain the more complicated things become.' 
 The club is home to around ten artists in the subsidised communal studio on the mezzanine. 
Painters, film makers, clothes/textile designers and even poets beaver away towards their own goals as well as the goals that Pasha challenges them with for the sake of 'art' and of course the Brighton Arts Club - a new surrogate child that needs nurturing like any other. 
 Goddamn Media, set up by Pasha after Graduating from the University of Brighton and the University of Edinburgh, subsidises the budget art spaces but there is a price. 
The club encourages a cross pollination of ideas and practices. Brighton Arts Club is launching the Brighton Arts Club Radio and TV channels and following the massive success of the recent Guerrilla fashion show they are also hosting the Alternative Wedding Fair on March 16th as well the Alternative Brighton Fashion Week in June.
In the spirit of the community project and commitment to non profit creative assistance the show is free to enter. 
Pasha is not against profit and hopes that anyone involved will sell work but Goddamn Media and the club are committed to getting the best out of practitioners and that often means allowing creative freedom. 
One Yellow Shoe are the resident film makers and as a film graduate Pasha is keen to get Brighton on the film map of excellence. The club is hosting the first Guerrilla Film Festival on the 15th of March, a mammoth 12 hour event open to all. 
Pasha is formulating a club manifesto which seems to evolve daily as new ideas flow through the doors. 
So far the boundaries that restrict or control consumerist led art are left outside. 
The club is working on a musical written by Mirabah Joel Jojabo (the poet in residence) and Maxim Bellos, which will be turned into a film ready for the fringe festival. The idea was spawned from the very unique cozy and gentle open mic nights (every Thursday at 7pm) which draws on spoken word, music and story telling. Everyone who enters the club has a voice, there is no hierarchy within its confines. 
The club has membership facilities for anyone interested in their activities. Membership is monthly or annually and is again subsidised by Goddamn Media. 
The club offers space in the Arts Cafe to write, draw or ponder as well as free wifi and plenty of cake. 
Members also have access to the VIP lounge with the red velvet chaise that must be tempting!

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