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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Early Risers and worms at Brighton Arts Club

I woke early because today is funding day. We launch our campaign to raise £30,000 to buy equipment for the Brighton Arts TV Channel.

We need a camera, editing software, lights, an edit suite and soundproofing, recording equipment and a whole bunch of other stuff that would make an arts channel go round.

Let me know if you have any equipment to donate or going very cheap that may help us grow over the coming months.

Preparations for the Guerrilla Fashion show and Dragarrazzi's private view ar in full swing and the gallery looks very different at the moment as I have emptied it to get the models and the punters in. It will be a tight squeeze especially with all the Burlesque dancers and their fans!!!!!

Until later....happy Monday bitches and shirkers, I love you all! 

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