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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Membership Fees and Privileges


Annual fees are £120 payable in advance at less than half the monthly fee.
Monthly fees are £25 with no contract necessary payable in advance.
You are required to set up a standing order to our bank account each month and it is your responsibility to keep it up as we will not bill you or send you reminders.
Your welcome letter and membership certificate will include the club bank details and date of payment.
We have a PayPal account for on line payments.
Please pay

Free use of the club bar between midday and midnight 7 days a week.
Free use of the arts cafe for meetings of less than 6 people at any one time
Free use of the studio painting spaces
Free internet
Free tea and Coffee
Free entry to events
Free venue hire for non profit events

No bullying
No obnoxious behaviour
No drunken behaviour liable to cause damage or offence
No Tories
No bad dress

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