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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

We need you at Brighton Arts Club

Another great week at the club and we can welcome another artist to the mezzanine floor. Lovely Jack is a film maker so we are more than happy to have one upstairs because you all know by now what I am like when I need a favour!

The Alternative wedding Fair on March 16th is hotting up as we have a host of amazing performers from Blind Pig lined up. More Burlesque than you can throw a cat at (is that a saying?) and we are already getting booked up with stalls. Stalls are only £5 for the day and I am beavering away with my wedding dresses .......I have 4 planned and LONDON ROAD WILL BE MY CATWALK SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY THE £1 DONATION TO ENTER THE CLUB JUST HANG AROUND OUTSIDE FOR A SPECTACLE HITHERTO UNSEEN!

Our open mic on Thursdays at 7pm is something to be attended before you die as it has spawned a band and we have a gig in Berlin coming up. I will keep you informed as I am drip fed information to keep my stress levels down.

Oh and this Thursday also sees the start of our Holistic Thursdays. We have several healers and therapists ready to wrap you emotional cotton wool, to lay hands or to sort out your corns. We welcome new therapists and we ask 20% of your takings to help the club stay afloat. I will have a list soon of practitioners but feel free to pop in from 12-7 for whale music and incense ....oh and love tea!

Also next month is the Guerrilla Film Festival.....a 12 hour extravaganza of Guerrilla madness. We need you footage so pop it along or send me your files.

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