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Monday, 25 March 2013

Free Tea at Brighton Arts Club

We are going global at BAC all this week with the launch of our online shop. Items will be up tomorrow and through the week.
I will be launching a range of affordable glitter sculls also on ETSI and available here at the club of course for around £10.....great gift ideas! 
Also we launch our radio show as our new intern starts on Thursday at the open poetry night with live recordings and interviews.
I am sourcing a web cam too as the one we have is not good enough for our live stream so if anyone has one drop it in and I will lavish you with free tea!!!!!

I am also offering free take away tea to the homeless as we have already been giving them cake it seemed sort of obvious.

Open mic on Wednesday takes a comedy twist with the gals and guys from Giraffe and on Thursday Mirabah runs our own night with free tea to performers.

Oh yes of course.....on Saturday we start the indoor market once again ready for spring. We are always busy here on a Saturday and pre booking is cheaper BUT if you would prefer to test the water pop down with your stock and set up for the day for £10.

Our venue is ready for hire for all your exciting projects with the TV and Radio suite now ready to go as well as the splash studio. Have a great week and make your dreams happen in case that bus comes along!

Godaamn Radio