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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Arty Farty Saturday at BAC

Stalls for Saturday at my ARTY FARTY event include......vintage and second hand clothes with an edge, art by Pasha du Valentine, art by all the art that has been left here over the passed 18 months which will be sold to make donations for our upkeep and go towards our new mixer, foot massage and mini manicure, kinky jewellery, cakes, t shirts and badges........still lots of room for stalls as the weather is going to be ok and we can use upstairs and outside if we want! Stalls are FREEEEEEEEEEE......
anyone buying art gets a free drink .....will be the perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon before the party begins from 8pm when you can flick through the new issue of Brogue.

photography and paintings 
Pasha du Valentine

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