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Friday, 14 March 2014

BAC leaves Venice and copes with the changes at home.

My holiday here started off rather badly as there were a few dramas back home with the kids. Everything was sorted soon enough and I finally managed to cope without my babies (that would be the cats of course, I was coping well enough without the actual children).

Some changes afoot obviously as the club becomes a victim of its own success. We started up as an intimate and private venue for discerning artists and collectors but over the months have ended up as what was fast becoming another music venue. Unloved, uncared for and part of another conveyer belt of tepid talent.

Gigs now will be vetted properly in order that we do not fall into the same trap as so many other venues in town. We will always have security on the door and the VIP must close ranks completely to allow for our members and colleagues to further their connections and practices within the city.

I will still promote rising talent provided it comes with a history of approval and serious work ethic. I will also still offer free venue and recording or rehearsal space where feasible.

For me the biggest part of the club are the shows and the TV and radio outlets as well as our magazine. The venue hire facility and gigs are really secondary to the publishing and media side of things. That does not mean to say I want to stop the parties and events. Far from it! I love the events that we do each week and they serve many functions including having an absolute blast in a stressful world.

We are booked for 3 big events during the rest of this month and I am extending the venues capacity to 150 to accommodate our growth. We will also have a small gallery upstairs on the mezzanine available to members of the public for exhibitions which will be self run and completely free to all.

The summer months are already being organised with mini festivals, private parties, gigs, exhibitions and theatrical performances. This is our year!

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