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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Builders and repairs at BAC today

The builders have arrived at last to put a sky light in above the hall way by the loos. It seems a big job to me but they reckon it will only take a week! I am excited as the wall has been flooding all winter.

My front window was smashed last night while I was in the building though I was too late to see who did it. I really liked how you could see the bands playing from outside when we had a gig on but we will have to barricade ourselves in with wood for the summer.

If anyone fancies doing  mural please let me know.

Later today the girls are popping in. Emily, one of our artists in res, Spirit, our editor in chief at Brogue, and Danni who has done a good few performances at BAC since we opened.

I will be getting ready for the Arty Farty Weekend with my from £3-£3000 and vintage clothes to die for. Oh and don't forget free drinks with all purchases.

If you want a free stall just let me know through our Facebook page.

Also remember that we have a gorgeous grand piano which is available to all and we welcome acoustic performers to just turn up and play!

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