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Monday, 17 March 2014

Events this week at BAC Brighton Arts Club

I am spending all week getting the new galleries painted and preparing for Bootleg TV on Saturday so it is a really a 'do not disturb' week as there is so much to be done!

Bootleg kicks off from 6pm on Saturday with sound checks from our amazing bands who are sure to rock your boats.
I will be recording on a Tascam mini recorder upstairs with a Sony mic as well as a Samsung and the generic recorder in the go pro.

The biggest problem with recording live gigs is obviously the audience so I am trying to minimise audience noise which on the one hand can really create a great vibe but on the other can pollute the band sound beyond acceptability.

After the recordings we are pleased to host a punky after party with Hagar the Womb. Please get on the guest list or keep your proof that you were at the gig below as that will get you into the venue.

To get on the guest list for the after party please text your name to
or message the club page on Facebook

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