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Monday, 17 March 2014

Great feedback from one of our fans

I have been visiting the Brighton Arts Club now sporadically for a few months and so thought that I would join facebook temporarily to voice my opinion on the place.

Having grown up in a shit little town I know what it is like to not have a good place to visit with good people creating good vibrations. We are very luck in Brighton to have such places as the Brighton Arts Club and from what I can see every time I have been there the place has been buzzing and a great time was had by all due to the good people policy, i.e. respect the people and the surroundings. Last night was no exception and CUBA LIBRE and the DUB CLUB filled the place with happy smiling, loving people that respect there surroundings and look out for each other and potential trouble. This seems to me to be a leading example of how society should work and I personally feel very comfortable in the place and chatting to the people and will continue to visit this amazing little gem as long as it exists.

Peace, unity, love and having fun.


A respectful human.

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