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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Student uproar as Pasha pulls gig for bad behaviour

Last Saturday BAC hosted an amatuer music night with four bands mostly made up of students. The audience was also mostly made up of students.
The bands were compiled of young boys in their late teens with attitude and arrogance that sadly we all know and recognise. Fortunately my own son has travelled through the abyss of self doubt and come through the other side a credit to himself and his family establishing his worth in my empire. Unfortunately he was not there on this particular night else there would have been much stag horn butting and dick size comparing before the event and the visitors would have realised they needed to behave.
To cut a long story short, the fiasco that ensued nearly caused distress and injury to many as well as criminal damage to the venue and I was forced to pull the gig half way through.
No one was amused, least of all myself.

What surprised me more was the attitude of some of the females in the crowd who refused to leave and were so rude and disrespectful to me that I felt for their mothers. Is this what being a groupie is....I thought you just shagged the band?

I have realised that in order to run a great venue you have to be clear who your target audience is. Since I opened I have had quite a few disastrous student events. They never spend at the bar despite getting a free gig and no hire fee for the venue. They treat the building with disrespect usually getting so hammered or of their faces on drugs that they are dribbling  gurning messes. Some are actually sick on the furnishings. Even some of the student exhibitions have turned into a fiasco where 18 year old adults turn into 3 year olds throwing art and property of the club around and ignoring requests for decency.

There are so many places for students to go....home for a start.

BAC is a place for professionals and creatives and our whole establishment is built on mutual trust and a crossover of skills and inspiration that is evident in the building, in our shows, in the members lounge, in our radio and TV shows and in our publications. I intend to keep it that way.

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