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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The exterior of BAC...

I have been thinking about the club's exterior lately. Obviously with the renovations at the end of the road coming to a stand still and all that remains is a very large pile of rubble, the entry to the street is pretty grim.....well at least Mr Selfridge would think so. The grafs and tagging are now all over the church as well as BAC and what that does is disguise the buildings so they become invisible. I still quite dig the idea of the dirty underground New York studio or the Berlin strip joint fetish club that has been closed down for years. But I feel I could run with it a bit more. I wont have this building forever and the next on will have a very different vibe so how can I make the most of this odd place in the gutter of the city? I can paint ANYTHING.....or sculpt anything....I am the keeper of the palace....what shall I do with it?

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