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Monday, 14 April 2014

Verbal Remedies hit BAC this Wednesday

Brighton town! Hello again, how've you all been? Welcome to the event page for our second event, it's a pleasure to be coming back, and we have one hell of a line up for you, with artists from 3 out of 4 of the towns we reside in coming to entertain you!

For those of you who don't know, we're Verbal Remedies, the newest spoken word outfit springing up in the UK, with events currently running in Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, and of course, Brighton. Our aim is simple, to find the best spoken word poets, rappers, MC's, solo musicians, and beat boxers that are on offer in this fine land, and allow them a wider network to showcase their works, uniting them in a spoken word environment, providing a supportive atmosphere to help people develop. One thing we've become very aware of on this journey is that each town very much has it's own identity, and as such by allowing people this platform, we hope they are able to develop different perspectives, and writing skills. Anyhoo, enough of shameless self promotion, shall we delve into the line up?

Stewart Taylor (VR Bournemouth Slam 3 Winner)

Stewart Taylor is described as a keen observer of life, Stewart explores contemporary issues with sensitivity and subtlety, then makes up funny rhymes and says them out loud. He has been a featured poet for Apples and Snakes in Southampton and Margate and headlined at Freeway Poets, Bournemouth, in September 2013. He won the 2013 Oxford Hammer and Tongue Open Poetry Slam and is looking forward to the national final later this year. Most recently he won the Verbal Remedies Bournemouth Slam 3, and shall be joining us as our headliner this evening. You can follow Stewart at

Tom Little Rizla Walker (VR Cambridge)

Co-founder of Verbal Remedies as a national event, Tom joined us in Bournemouth as a headliner back in November 2013, and while we were having the compulsary after show drinks, we decided to get together and try to kick this whole shindig off. With reggae at the heart of his music, he is an established artist across various parts of the UK, and is one of the driving forces behind Cam-Unity, a group of people trying to re-establish live music in Cambridge. An influential guy, from poetry to music, Brighton is gonna suit him down to the ground! Get a lil' taster of his poetry here: then come and join us on Wednesday evening to see the magic happen live :)

Invokal Poet MC (VR Brighton)

Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly present, Invokal Poet. If we're being honest, which we are, it's what we believe in, we haven't actually seen this chap in the flesh as of yet. We were surfing the paperless pages of the internet, keen to find poets who could represent Brighton, and we're chuffed to bits that this guy showed up. He clearly knows his stuff, coming at us with lyrics deeper than the bottom of the ocean and a flow to match, Invokal has been working on more usical ventures lately, so we're privelaged to have him join us on a spoken word mic. Check out his piece named "Tribute" here:
Or download his single for free here:

Susan Evans (VR Brighton)

Susan Evans - Performance poet (Seriously sassy seldom soporific)
"A show stopper!" MC Colin Grant (Speaky Spokey)
"She has great flow" MC Gramski (Spoken Herd)
We think these two quotes pretty much cover it! Yu can check out her facebook page by clicking here:

Lagan Legski Purdy (VR Everywhere)

Founder, compere, general sorter out of things, oddity. Here is a poem about his fourth favourite thing in the world:


Bargain price of £2.

Countess-Pasha du Valentine for being awesome, and letting us call her amayonnaising venue our home!

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