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Friday, 30 May 2014

What we do at BAC

At BAC we offer an alternative space for creative people to realise their artistic endeavours. We offer quiet space during the day for our resident artists and practitioners. In the evenings we offer a great space for musical and theatrical activities. We can offer free venue hire during the week and some sponsorship is available to certain causes. Skye de la Mare has an office in the building as she she concentrates on PR for the venue and for her other activities promoting charity events in Brighton. Miranda and Robin are painters with mental health issues who find respite within our walls. Pasha du Valentine has a studio here too. We try to give a helping hand to all to give them the skills to further their practice be they in a band, a performance artist, a comic, a fine artist, a dj, a promoter, a dancer or a poet. From day to day we have no idea who will walk through the door with another exciting project for us to get our teeth into. BAC is an organic space where lots of things can happen!

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