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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What's On Brighton New Asperger's Bar opens Fridays in Central Brighton

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney (Pasha du Valentine) is opening a new bar in Brighton with 10% of proceeds going to charity. 
It is the only bar of its kind in the city because members of the club can bring their own alcohol. 
There is a £5 admin fee and temporary membership per evening for non members and a fabulous juice and cake bar which is a continuation of the Countess Teetotal Bar run previously at Brighton Arts Club which was closed due to an application to turn the venue into flats. 
The Goddamn Bar will open every Friday from 10pm until 2 am and will host chilled tunes from local djs, board games, live music and of course a 10% donation to Asperger's awareness groups across the city and beyond. 
Anyone with Asperger's is encouraged to be part of this wonderful project. 
The Countess is committed to actively changing attitudes and benefiting people affected by Asperger's as a mother who has been deeply touched by all that the condition has brought to her family.

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