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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mischief is probably about right, BAC Shenanigans abound this week in Brighton

We had a truly great weekend at the BAC.

Our open evening gave us the chance to meet a few gorgeous prospective members who promise great things for the future.

I will say however that unless you do join as a member or sponsor you cannot use the gallery or radio facilities for free.

Joining is only £100 and does not seem a great payment to support our arts cafe and gallery.

£2 a week gives you a place in the permanent exhibition which sees a host of visitors every week.
You also get to come to the open Fridays and are VIP guest at certain parties and get togethers which shall remain top secret for the moment.

Join the movement and give your artwork an airing or your opinions on the radio.

Pasha x

Godaamn Radio