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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

File Sharing the BAC ARchives

More archival images will be posted today from the mother ship at the new media centre at Gosport Marina.

The Marina will provide a relaxed and sea inspired environment for anyone working with us and we are excited about setting up the new studio.

We also have remote studios dotted around the country of course and are actively engaged in setting up broadcast hubs with dedicated producers and creatives.

Remember that the images on the sites and on instagram are all free to share for non profit and educational projects. Right click and download to your pc or phone then use for whatever you like...

greetings cards
educational projects
memes on social media
posters for gigs

If you would like a higher resolution image please ask and we can discuss approval and send one over.

NB these images are free to use for personal use.
Give us a Goddamn mention if you get time and happy sharing!
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